HYD, luxury and elegance in hosiery, receives the 2015 Dedal de Oro (Golden Thimble) Award. The first and only hosiery company to date to have received this award.

Barcelone, 24 February 2015.– stocking designer Claudio Gazzotti, founder and CEO of Industrie Tessili HYD and member of the Círculo de EcoM-GAZZOTTI-JACOBnomía Foundation of Barcelona, has won the sixth edition of the Dedales de Oro, the first and only hosiery company to date to have received this acknowledgement.
Claudio Gazzotti was born in Mantua, Italy, and after acquiring broad experience in different companies in the textile industry during the 1990s, decided to travel to Oxford, England, to study economics and obtain a master’s degree in marketing. He founded HYD in 1996, as a tribute to a park in London that he was particularly fond of, Hyde Park, and also to his passion for art and design.
The company was set up in Barcelona, where it is based, because Gazzotti was closely connected to the city for personal and work-related reasons. Production, however, is carried out in the Lombardy region of Italy, and is characterised by the great care shown throughout the entire process of selecting raw materials – always environmentally sustainable and of the best quality – and incorporation of the latest technological advances and innovative design. HYD stockings and tights come in the widest range of colours available on the market and are a unique product of the highest quality. The company has 400 stockists all over Spain and exports to 10 countries around the world.
The Dedales de Oro are one of the most highly prized presented in Spain.


These awards are presented to professionals in the fashion industry and serve as an incentive for their careers, both in Spain and internationally. They have been likened by a number of different publications, among them VOGUE, as the “fashion equivalent of the Oscars Awards”. Their honorary chair is HRH Princess Beatriz of Orleans, who is also a member of the jury comprised of distinguished designers such as Francis Montesinos, Elio Berhanyer, Javier Larraínzar, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and the team behind the Victorio & Lucchino brand.

During the awards ceremony and dinner that took place on Friday 20 February at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, Claudio Gazzotti asserted that the Dedales de Oro were « “recognition for a company that is about to mark its twentieth anniversary and for the value that we at HYD place in innovation and fashion trends in the design of our hosiery.”


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